Congratulations — you’re awesome! Your company wants to promote you. But what happens when what you want is to stay exactly where you are?

Congratulations! You’ve landed your dream job. And you are, if you do say so yourself, crushing it. Your work is top-notch, your ideas innovative, you meet every deadline and ask for more. You’ve been recognized and celebrated. And your reward is — drumroll please — a bigger, more sought-after job!

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The only problem? You don’t want the bigger job. You love the one you’ve got. …

Listening effectively is one of the hardest things to do. But investing in it pays off. Learn how it makes you smarter, faster, and better at your job.

From crawling to walking to uttering that first word, we develop our earliest skills by instinct. No one tells a baby to do these things. Babies just do.

But then babies morph into toddlers, and the walking and eating become less impressive. And suddenly, we adults all about telling them what to do. And what are toddlers told to do more than anything? Listen!

“Listen to me!”

“Be a good listener.”


Not every job is a perfect fit, but that doesn’t mean you can’t love the one you’re with. Your job can be a whole lot more than just a means to a paycheck.

I can still picture the look on my Baby Boomer mother’s face the first time I posed a work-related existential question. Was she happy in her career? Was it fulfilling and purposeful? Her response, the blankest of stares, told me all I needed to know. Purpose and fulfillment were things you found off the clock. …

Saying “no” is actually makes you more successful at work. These essential strategies will help you set workplace boundaries with grace.

When my first daughter was born, I considered naming her Nola. But as my sage (and handsome!) husband pointed out, her nickname was going to end up being No. And that seemed like cruel and unusual punishment. No one likes the sound of a “no.”

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We all know by now that setting clear boundaries at work — in other words, saying no — is key to our wellness and self-preservation. But still, it’s…

Running all-out all the time is the sure path to burnout. Productivity happens when you know how to use your energy wisely.

Productivity is all about output. The more you achieve, the more accomplished you feel. But more isn’t always better. The quality of what you produce is just as important as the quantity. And one of the most powerful ways to maximize the quality of your output is to manage your energy.

Your energy is like the fuel in your car — an empty tank won’t take you far.

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But the biggest difference…

Great ideas are everywhere. You can become a hero by curating the best of them instead of reinventing a perfectly good wheel. Here are three ways to get started.

We live in a knowledge economy — ideas are the currency of success. They fuel new products, new customer acquisition strategies, and new ways of conducting business. One great idea can make you a hero. And who among us doesn’t aspire to be a hero?

But the thing about ideas is that there’s a massive surplus of them. Google darn near anything you can think of and a bare minimum of…

Does the idea of having to self-promote leave you feeling like you need a shower? Sometimes, it seems showy and braggy and icky. The thought of having to do it may make your skin crawl. And yet, self-promotion is essential.

The key to promoting yourself is striking the balance between humility and hubris. You need to find ways to demonstrate confidence — in the service of creating opportunities — without seeming self-congratulatory or off-putting.

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Doing great work isn’t enough

Doing great work — delivering important projects, delighting customers and clients, contributing innovative ideas — is crucial if we aspire…

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